About us

We at Majikjuice™ believe every Nigerian should have access to resources that will promote healthy lifestyle in the easiest and cheapest way possible and that is why we are the number 1 health and fitness store in Nigeria. We provide the most flavorful, raw, organic and 100% natural juices, smoothies, salads and wraps without compromising on quality. We are also aware that there are different people with different preferences and to satisfy as many people as possible we came up with the Majikbuild™ where you build whatever salad, juice, smoothie or wrap you want. Ok so you don’t want to buy from the store and want to prepare your meal at home? We have you covered as well with our fresh fruit and vegetable delivery to your homes. Because we are passionate about eating right, Majikjuice is not just a store or a brand, it’s a movement. You are welcome to join us on this beautiful journey.